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Harlem Road Fishing Access Point and Launch

Harlem Road Fishing Access Point and Launch

The NYSDEC Harlem Road Fishing Access Point offers a gravel launch pad with stepped entry into the water, making it easier for launching paddlecrafts. The site provides access to the forested section of the Buffalo River shoreline, with abundant wildlife. Ample parking is available. Launching of motorized vessels is not possible.

Fish swim upstream along the Buffalo River near Harlem Road towards both Cayuga and Buffalo creeks. May 2023 by Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper.

The Common Loon has some not-so-common abilities for a bird. According to Cornell Lab’s All About Birds, the bird propels itself underwater to catch fish and can hold them in its mouth with sharp, rearward-pointing projections. Migrating loons have been clocked flying over 70 mph (we’ve asked them to slow down in the city, but they are very set in their ways). ⁠They have solid bones to be less buoyant and better at diving. Their hearts slow down in water to conserve oxygen. And depending on wind they may need 30 yards or up to a quarter mile of “runway space” to take off. ⁠ This one was having a fun time exploring the Buffalo River by Harlem Road in May 2023. It’s another reason to check out our Blueway sites and see what wildlife is in the region.

Canoeing and kayaking are options for people using the Harlem Road site.
Harlem Road Access Site is popular for fishing throughout the year.

Harlem Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14224

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