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Hi!!! I’m Maya the dog. I am going to tell you about the 3 Buffalo River park walks I took. There were lots of things to sniff and to see!

Ohio Street Boat Launch

This place is new to me, but not to other dogs! I could smell that many other friends frequent this park! I even got to meet a couple of friends! There is a meadow to investigate, sticks to play with, birds to watch, and evidence of beavers and other wildlife, too! Master and I also played games where if I follow commands, I get treats! On master’s command, I perched on large boulders, crawled under signs, and stayed still and low while we watched birds on the calm water. Calm, except where the geese were making a loud fuss!

We took a walk from the park down Ohio Street. On the Ohio street bridge, I got scared when a car went over. It made a loud noise! After the scary bridge, though, we could walk pretty far on a safe wide path and I could smell breweries! Breweries sometimes have outdoor patios I can hang with master and if I give her the face, you know “the face”, she shares her food with me! Master likes this park and the next park because she can stop at Undergrounds Coffee before or after.

Red Jacket Riverfront Natural Habitat Park

I had never been here before, but I loved it! As soon as we arrived there was a squirrel dashing away with a walnut. Squirrel!!! There were boulders here, too, and walnut husks all over them from the feasting animals. The crows were alarmed as soon as we showed up and cawed excitedly while in the wooded area a woodpecker looked for bugs.

My favorite part was the pebbly beach!!! I could paddle my feet in the water. I also liked the trail where I could run up a hill and get a good view of the river. Then I ran back down alongside a pond on one side and the river on the other! When we were leaving, a large group of bicyclists showed up and I got to say hi! Master is excited about the bike trail that will run through the park soon!

Seneca Bluffs Natural Habitat Park

This place I know well. I wish it was my actual back yard, but it’s close enough. We walk here a lot! The large dog had been back – I found his giant footprints! When I was a puppy I was scared of the deer, but now I hope to see them every time. I always find lots of their footprints, droppings, bite marks on saplings, and sometimes their beds. I also often see kayakers and anglers here and get to say hi.

We saw many woodpeckers! We heard them first going “Pik Pik Pik!” and tap tap tap. They have fun patterns with black and white checkers on their backs. There is also an old log with a hole big enough for me to crawl through! I found an old beehive in there! No honey left though. I could have stayed here all day, but the master walked us back home. On our way out of the park, the noises of rushing cars from Seneca Street, 190, and Bailey all come back. I like the sounds of the birds and the leaves better.

Thanks for taking a walk with me!